The number of COVID-19 infections on the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier increased to 230

The number of crew members of the American aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” with a positive result on coronavirus has increased to 230 people. This is reported on the U.S. Navy website.

According to preliminary information, 79% of the crew members of the aircraft carrier were tested for coronavirus, 230 people confirmed the diagnosis, 2037 sailors showed a negative result. In addition, more than 3 thousand crew members were transferred to shore.

“Theodore Roosevelt left San Diego in January, and on March 24 the media reported three cases of coronavirus infection on the ship. On April 1, the Pentagon officially confirmed this information.

Later, the captain of the American aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” Brett Crozier wrote a letter to the highest officials of the U.S. Navy, asking to remove part of the crew so that the infection would not spread to 5 thousand soldiers. On April 5, it was reported that he also had a coronavirus.

On April 3, U.S. Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modley said Crozier was dismissed as captain because he made public reports of the coronavirus spreading on board. The next day at a briefing, American leader Donald Trump said he was 100% in agreement with the removal of the captain. He called the captain’s letter “inappropriate”.