The number of deaths during the riots in the Venezuelan prison rose to 46

A riot in a Venezuelan prison resulted in 46 people being shot and at least 50 others injured. This was reported by El Nacional on May 2, referring to a corrections officer.

The incident occurred inĀ  Guanar in the northwest of the country, when prisoners broke the fence of the prison in an attempt to escape. Earlier, 17 riot victims and nine wounded were reported.

According to the source, the death toll will increase as many of the victims are in serious condition and the local hospital does not have enough medical supplies to provide them with the necessary care.

In addition, it was reported that the rioters threw a grenade at the Venezuelan National Guard officers guarding the facility, and shrapnel from the exploding shell injured one lieutenant. The prison director, Carlos Toro, was also injured in the riot, with stab wounds to the back and back of the head.