10,000 people died from coronavirus in Spain

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy exceeded 10 thousand. 889 people died per day, said the head of the Civil Defense Service of the country, Angelo Borrelli, on Saturday, March 28.

“As of today, 70,065 Italians are infected, and this figure has increased by 3,651 patients per day.”

According to Borrelli, 12,384 people have recovered.

Thus, the number of victims of COVID-19 in Italy was 10,023.

Italy ranks first in Europe for coronavirus distribution. March 27, the number of deaths per day set a new record: 969 people died.

Italian doctors also have a high infection rate – 9% of those infected. The number of medical workers infected with Coronavirus in Italy has reached 6.5 thousand people. The number of fatalities among health-care workers has reached 51.