The number of detected coronavirus cases in the world has exceeded 26 million

The number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the world has exceeded 26 million, according to data from the American Johns Hopkins University on Thursday, September 3.

According to his data, the number of infected is now 26,031,410, 863,028 people have died and 17,291,874 patients with COVID-19 have recovered.

The largest number of infections has been recorded in the United States. This is followed by Brazil (3 997 865) and India (3 769 523).

On the same day, a record 83,833 cases of coronavirus infection were reported in India over the past 24 hours.

A coronavirus vaccine called Sputnik V was registered in Russia on August 11. It is the first coronavirus vaccine registered in the world against this infection. The drug was developed by specialists from the Gamaleya Center. The Russian Ministry of Health has already announced the launch of production of this vaccine.

On August 20, China’s leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan praised the Russian coronavirus vaccine and expressed confidence in its safety.