The number of victims of coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 600

The number of people who died from coronavirus in the United States has reached 600. The total number of infected people was 49,678, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States on Tuesday, March 24.

It is noted that among those infected with coronavirus in the U.S. has not yet recovered.

Despite this, United States President Donald Trump plans to lift some of the restrictions on work in the country within the next two weeks. His economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that “public health includes economic health”.

“Our people want to go back to work. They will practice social distance and everything else, and older people will be protected,” Trump wrote on his Twitter. In the U.S. president’s vision, it is possible to protect and isolate older people while keeping the economy running.

The American leader stressed that “the cure (for Coronavirus. – Ed.) cannot be worse (for now) than the problem”.

As of March 24, the U.S. is in third place for COVID-19. The US has overtaken China and Italy.