The number of victims of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip has risen to 56

The death toll from Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip has risen to 56. This was announced by the Palestinian Ministry of Health on Wednesday, May 12.

“The victims of the strikes were 56 Palestinians, including 14 children, five women and one elderly person,” the report said.

The ministry specified that the number of wounded, according to the latest figures, is 335 people.

On the same day, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal said during a press conference that the authorities fear that the situation around East Jerusalem may get completely out of control.

In recent days, rocket attacks have been exchanged between Israel and Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip. This follows riots in early May outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. The clashes between Palestinians and security forces were sparked by an Israeli court decision to seize houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood from Arab families living there in favor of Jewish settlers on the grounds that the homes belonged to them before 1948.

On 12 May, it was reported that Tel Aviv had again come under a barrage of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. It was noted that Hamas had fired about 210 rockets into Israel. In Israel’s Lod, two people were killed by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Another man was seriously wounded.

Meanwhile, Israel continued retaliatory strikes against key military facilities of radicals in the Gaza Strip on the night of May 12. The Israeli military also announced the killing of two significant members of Hamas’ intelligence service that day.