The number of victims of the petrol truck explosion in Colombia rose to 38

The number of deaths caused by the explosion of a petrol truck in Colombia, which occurred on July 6, increased to 38. This was reported by Semana Magazine on Tuesday, July 14, with reference to the Barranquilla Health Department.

Initially, it was reported that 20 people died. According to the magazine, 18 more victims have died in hospitals since July 6. It is also reported that seven more citizens still remain in the intensive care wards.

Barranquilla Health Minister Umberto Mendoza said the victims had burns of 40-90% of their bodies. Doctors are now fighting for their lives as long as there are still risks associated with the burns themselves, as well as possible infections.

A gas truck exploded June 13 on the G15 Shenyang Heikou highway near the Chinese village of Liangshan. It is not known what was being transported there. The tank flew through several hundred meters, flying over the buildings. In the houses of the village near the highway, an explosive wave broke out the windows. As a result of the accident, 19 people were killed, 172 more were hospitalized.