The oldest reef fish found off the coast of Australia

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Experiments were recently conducted off the coast of Australia, and during their research scientists found ancient reef fish. Students and scientists from the Australian Institute participated in these experiments. As it turned out, this is a unique spotted Macaulor, which was born during the Second World War.

After the experiments, the scientists found out that this fish is over 80 years old. It is one of the long-lived fish. The specialists of the Australian Institute also found that among the long-lived fish is Luciana Bohari, who lived more than 75 years. In total, scientists have found 10 long-living fish, who lived more than 55 years.

A scientific paper was written on this topic, which referred to the fish who lived about 58 years. But to date, this record has surpassed the Macaulor fish, which lived more than 80 years. At the moment, it is considered an absolute record among long-lived fish.

Scientists of the Australian Institute said that the age of fish is calculated on the basis of solid formations located in their cells. These formations are present in absolutely all fish.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that in reef fish is extremely low natural mortality. And this fact should be taken into account when further research on their habitats.

At the moment, the scientists continue to study the habitats of long-lived fish, as much is not yet known about their existence.