The owner of the russian Pushkin restaurant in the U.S. protected it from the crowds of protesters

People stand up to defend the russian restaurant Pushkin in American San Diego against a crowd of protesters during a riot in the U.S. that began after the death of African American George Floyd during his detention. This was told in an interview with Channel 5 by the owner of the restaurant Hayk Ghazarian on Tuesday, June 2.

When the riots reached San Diego, Ghazarian thought about the need to protect the restaurant. Protesters turned the cars over, set fire to banks and buildings.

“I realized that something had to be done. My friends – local Bukhara Jews, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians all united. Well, everyone has a gun license. Ten of my friends, my guests of the restaurant, where we always walk, have gathered us together. The ones who like this restaurant best. Everyone brought a gun,” said the restaurateur.

At first it was quiet outside, and then the crowd noticed heading for the restaurant. On the way, the protesters had already crushed several shops.

Ghazaryan, together with the other crowd, went out to the entrance of the restaurant with weapons. Two more people with shotguns were left inside to fully control the situation. According to the restaurant owner, the defenders wanted to make the protesters understand the seriousness of their intentions. As a result, the crowd passed the Russian restaurant without causing damage.

The owner of the restaurant specified that there were no law enforcement officers on the street during the day.

“They walk from one district to another, and they also do not want to separate, apparently it is their tactic. They drove five or six cars each, and when such things happened, they didn’t have time everywhere and broke into a lot of shops in the centre because of it too,” Ghazaryan said.

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