The Pentagon was advised to prepare for military action on the Moon

Air Force Laboratory USA has published a report “The primer on lunar space”, which contains recommendations for the U.S. space forces to prepare for a situation where the moon and the outer space around it will act as a war zone. It became known on Tuesday, June 29.

The authors of the study are Chennig Chow, CEO of aerospace technology company Cloudstone Innovations, Markus Holtzinger, adjunct professor of space technology at the University of Colorado, and Peter Garretson, consultant to the American Foreign Policy Council. Military space professionals whose perspectives include the development of spacecraft and concepts for operations in extraterrestrial space are cited as the target audience for the report.

“Operating spacecraft beyond geostationary earth orbit poses unique challenges. As commerce extends to the moon and beyond, it is vital that we understand and address these unique challenges so that we can ensure space awareness and security,” AFRL Office of Spacecraft Director Eric Felt was quoted by SpaceNews.

However, the very fact that Washington is preparing for combat activities on the moon is a violation of international law, namely the 1979 United Nations agreement that governs the activities of states in outer space. According to the text of the document, the use of lunar space in the framework of its development must be exclusively peaceful, including the threat of hostile actions, which is prohibited.

“They have long said that space could become an arena of hostilities. Former U.S. President Donald Trump, for example, during his presidency, declared the moon to be U.S. property. They are trying to teach the whole world that space is the domain of the United States and no one else. So they will now establish their own orders in space, rules based on practice, just as they are trying to do on Earth, contrary to the decisions of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly.”