The phone number of the head of the British Foreign Office has been in the public domain for 11 years

The personal cell phone number of British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was in the public domain for about 11 years. This was reported Wednesday, June 30, by The Guardian newspaper.

“Raab’s number was discovered by a Guardian reader via a Google search. It appears to have been on the Web even before he became an MP in 2010, and remained after he became foreign minister and first secretary of state,” the publication said.

In addition to his phone number, Raab’s other personal information was in the public domain; it has now been deleted.

Former British national security adviser Peter Ricketts said after the incident that more attention should be paid to online security, according to the publication.

The journalists added that in April it was revealed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s personal cell phone could be found at the end of one of the press releases, so it had been in the public domain for 15 years.

In 2020, about 11 billion records of personal data and payment information leaked globally, of which about 100 million were leaked in Russia, that is, about 1% of the number of records compromised worldwide. The most frequent leaks occurred in the high-tech industry, finance and the public sector.