The psychologist gave advice on how not to go crazy during isolation

Self-isolation becomes a great stress for people and a real test of relationships. How to reduce the heat of passion and avoid contradictions, said a practicing psychologist.

Forced proximity without the opportunity to leave or retreat can be a difficult challenge to a relationship, especially when considering the general tension and high stress levels due to the virus situation. This is especially true for newlyweds, couples with small children and those whose relationships have already had problems. There are three basic rules to avoid a crisis.

“The first rule is to find ways to shift your attention from your partner to something else. In normal life, we have work, shopping, hiking. In isolation, the usual ways are not available, we have to find new ones. This may be an online training you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but you haven’t had the time, you’ve been doing your homework, virtual tours of world museums, online performances or books.

The second rule is to allocate space for yourself, it minimizes the risks of conflict.

“In conditions of isolation it is necessary to agree with a loved one about the rule, when you will have a pause at a certain time to be alone. Let it be a kitchen or a loggia, the main thing is that nobody interferes with you there, and you are alone with yourself,” said the psychologist.

The third rule is to find a common hobby or activity.

“There must be a shared interest, where the partners will be emotionally involved and will get closer. It can be anything, up to watching a movie together or preparing a meal.