The rainbow flag was hung on the American embassy in Moscow

On Thursday, June 25, a rainbow flag was hoisted on the U.S. Embassy in Moscow as part of the annual LGBT Pridemoon event.

At the time of publication, Izvestia had not responded to the request sent to the American Embassy.

In 2019 it was reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump forbade the U.S. embassies to hang rainbow flags during the celebration of LGBT “Pride Month”.

It was also stressed that despite such a ban, diplomatic missions could hang them in other places on the territory, including inside the embassies and on the outer walls.

Nevertheless, in 2020, rainbow flags appeared on the buildings of American diplomatic missions in many countries, particularly in Latvia, Poland, South Korea and Switzerland.

LGBT “Pride Month” is celebrated annually in the United States in June. Parades, picnics, parties, seminars and concerts are held during the festival.