The reconstituted model of the apocalypse has led to a new theory of dinosaur death

A new study by scientists at the University of Connecticut in the United States has proven that the impact of a giant asteroid with the Earth has not only caused climate change, but also the release of soot from fires, which caused the planet to sink into darkness for a long time.

The lack of sunlight had disrupted the photosynthesis of plants for more than a year; and herbivores had naturally lost their power source.

As writes, scientists conducted an experiment, creating a model of the apocalypse that took place 66 million years ago. The asteroid’s collision with the Earth brought a cloud of molten hard rock into the atmosphere, which when it fell caused global forest fires. Emissions of soot, ash and sulfur made the sky almost impermeable to sunlight.

The scientists thus concluded that the dinosaurs did not die of cold, which was not disastrous after all, but of hunger due to lack of sunlight.