The records made on the day Walter Wallace died were published in the United States

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The authorities of the American city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, published footage of 911 calls and video of police officers on duty on the day of the death of African-American Walter Wallace. This was reported by CBS News.

According to Daniel Outlo, chief of the city police department, the footage from the law enforcement officers’ cash cameras is being published for the first time to increase transparency of the investigation.

The footage shows a dead young man, presumably with a knife in his hand, leaving the house and walking towards the police. Law enforcement officers point pistols at Wallace and several times order him to drop his weapon.

On the tape, one policeman is heard saying the words ‘take him’ and ‘shoot him’, after which the man is fired upon. The video also shows a woman trying to intervene and shouting that Wallace was having mental problems.

According to the records of calls to 911, the police were called by the victim’s brother, sister and neighbor. They told the dispatcher that Wallace would attack his parents. The African-American family confirmed that at the time of the murder, the young man was experiencing a period of acute mental illness.

On October 26, two police officers arrived at the call after complaints about a man screaming and armed with a knife. On several occasions, law enforcement officials insisted that 27-year-old Wallace drop his weapon, but he began approaching the officers. Wallace was eventually shot by police and died as a result of his injuries. Later that day, protests and riots began in the city.