The remains of an animal unknown to science were found in the national park in Russia

The remains of a species of hares not described in scientific literature were found in the National Park “Leopard Land” in Primorye. Ancient foodstuffs, which belonged to the found bones, lived 10 to 50 thousand years ago – said representatives of the Federal Scientific Center for Land-based Biodiversity of Land-based biota of East Asia FEB RAS.

Pikes are mammals from the group of hare bones, which are close relatives of an ordinary hare. They look like big hamsters. Remains found in Primorye, allowed to discover a new fossil genus and species of these creatures.

As paleontologists specify, the remains of fossil food were found in the limestone cave Sukhaya, which is located near the settlement Barabash. Bones and teeth were taken from geological deposits at the far end of the 21-meter cave. Laboratory analysis confirmed that the remains do not belong to any of the known species.

“Known fossil food species died out about two million years ago, so the fact that the remains from Primorye are only a few tens of thousands of years, indicates that there were climatic and palaeogeographical conditions in which species that disappeared in other areas for quite a long time,” – says Mikhail Tiunov, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences.