The robber could not leave the crime scene due to a jammed door

Near Nottingham in Britain, a 19-year-old boy attempted to rob a store, but a jammed door prevented him from leaving the mall. This was reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday, September 24.

The videotape is dated December 28, 2019. It shows the robber breaking into the building, holding a cue to play billiards. At the entrance, he damages the door so that it is jammed. Failing to intimidate the cashiers, he decided to run away without taking anything, but could not. After several attempts to open the door, the offender broke the glass and ran out. However, after a few meters, he was twisted by witnesses of a failed robbery.

Later it turned out that the young man had been using drugs and decided to commit a crime in order to get money for another dose. After the incident, the court sent him to prison for two years.