The secret of longevity of the Japanese has been revealed

The Japanese live longer than other nationalities because of the special food system. This was stated by one WeChat user.

The average life expectancy of the Japanese is 84.2 years, the oldest resident of the country was born in 1903. At the same time citizens of Japan do not like sports but they have a system of eating which helps them to keep healthy and vital, the article notes.

So, the first rule is variety. Each meal contains meat, vegetables, fish, rice and fruit. The second rule is slow chewing of food, by which people can avoid overeating and taste the food.

Also, the Japanese do not tend to process food much: they fry food rarely, they mostly steam or boil it. As a result, food does not lose its freshness, and eating does not become more caloric.

According to the fourth rule, it is better to eat fish or seafood than meat in Japan because it contains more elements that are harmful to health and contribute to the risk of chronic diseases.

On April 11, scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden said that quitting alcoholic beverages prolongs life by 28 years. Experts recalled the harm of alcohol, which increases the risk of cancer, dementia, impotence and infertility.

On April 4 it was reported that Chinese scientists have concluded that to increase life expectancy it is necessary to eat five meals a day, with two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables.