“The Simpsons” predicted Richard Branson’s space flight

The animated series “The Simpsons” found another prediction that came true just the other day. It’s about Richard Branson’s flight into space on July 11. Just after his ship landed, Virgin Galactic showed a video showing weightlessness inside the VSS Unity as it reached maximum altitude.

The comments and websites that picked up the news say it’s a shot from episode 8 of season 20 (“The Burns and the Bees,” 2008). Branson was indeed in that episode, but the shot with weightlessness and the spaceship is still from another episode, episode 15 of season 25 (“The War of Art,” 2014). Branson appears there for a second, admiring the fake picture aboard the spaceship.

Web users have once again started joking about the time machine that “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening must be using.