The situation in Wisconsin escalated as a result of protests over the death of an African American

Police used tear gas to disperse protesters in Wawatos, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, who took to the streets amid reports that Joseph Mensah, a law enforcement officer, would not be charged after 17-year-old African-American Alvin Cole was shot dead in front of a city mall in February. It was reported on Saturday, October 10, by TV company CNN.

According to its data, the situation worsened after two days of protests, bottles flew to the guardians of order, after which they had to resort to special means. A curfew was introduced in the city from 19.00 to local time. Nevertheless, more than 100 people went to the demonstration near the City Hall building.

The mother and sisters of the deceased were temporarily detained.
According to lawyer Kimberly Motley, in the evening of October 8 Cole’s mother Tracy was temporarily detained as well as his sister Talivia and Tristian. Tracy Cole was later brought to the hospital.

Alvin Cole was shot dead outside a shopping mall in Wawatos in February after law enforcement officers arrived on call. Barry Weber, the city’s chief of police, told reporters immediately after the incident that Cole had shot the police before they returned fire. Milwaukee County attorney John Chisholm found that there was “sufficient evidence” to suggest that the police should use force, and Joseph Mensa’s belief was “objectively justified.