The Social Democrats won the Bundestag elections

The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) won the Bundestag elections with 25.7% of the votes, while the CDU/CSU bloc gained 24.1%. This is shown in the final results, which were published on Friday, October 15, on the website of the German Central Election Commission.

Parliamentary elections in the country were held on September 26. After 16 years in power Angela Merkel did not put forward her candidacy at the election.

German CEC specified that there would be 735 deputies in the new composition of the parliament. Thus, the SPD will take 206 seats, the CDU/CSU – 196, and the Green Party – 118 seats. The Free Democratic Party (FDP), which tied for fourth place, will get 92 seats, and the Alternative for Germany (AdG) will have 83 seats. From the “left” in the Bundestag included 39 people. The South Schleswig Voters’ Association (SSW) is represented by one deputy.