The star of the “Magnificent Century” faces 13.5 years for domestic violence

Turkish actor Ozan Guven, known for his role as Rustem Pasha in the series “The Magnificent Century”, faces up to 13.5 years in prison on charges of domestic violence. This was reported by the Turkish edition of Sabah.

A friend of the actor Deniz Bulusuz complained to the prosecutor’s office, accusing him of “limiting personal freedom” and “deliberately inflicting bodily harm.

The Chief Prosecutor of Istanbul referred her to the criminal court of first instance. The indictment was accepted and the first hearing in the case was scheduled for 21 January.

Earlier photos of Bulusuzuz appeared in Turkish media, showing signs of beatings. However, a little later Guven posted in the Net pictures with abrasions on his face, which, he said, allegedly caused by a girl.

The Johnny Depp lawsuit began in London on 8 July. The famous actor is suing the famous tabloid The Sun. In 2018, the publication said that Depp had beaten up former spouse Amber Heard. The actor denies all charges and claims that he’s the victim. Depp accused Heart at the hearing of hitting him. The ex-wives came to court separately so they wouldn’t confront each other and cause a scandal.