The Taliban allowed the creation of a regular army in Afghanistan

The Taliban are thinking of establishing a regular army in Afghanistan in the near future, the new Chief of Staff of the Afghan Armed Forces, Qari Fasihuddin, said on Wednesday, September 15.

According to him, consultations on forming a regular army in the country are currently going on, India Today reports.

On September 10 it became known that the inauguration of the interim government, scheduled for September 11, was canceled in Afghanistan. A number of countries, including Russia, China, Qatar, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran were originally invited to the ceremony.

Kabul promised to respect the provisions enshrined in international law, as long as there was no conflict with “Islamic law and national values” of Afghanistan. The same applied to respect for women’s rights.

It was noted that Mohammad Hassan Akhund would serve as prime minister. Abdul Ghani Baradar, head of the movement’s political office, was appointed deputy head of the cabinet. Amir Khan Muttaki was temporarily appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Abdul Haq Wasik was appointed acting intelligence minister. Mohammad Idris was temporarily appointed head of the Central Bank.

The situation in Afghanistan deteriorated in May 2021 after the start of withdrawal of U.S. troops which were in the country since 2001. The Taliban began an attack on major cities of the country and entered Kabul on August 15, announcing the end of the war.