The top 5 news from the world of technology in the past week

Focuses on the upcoming Windows 10 update, the rumored MacBook Pro 2021, and the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Windows 10 awaits Sun Valley’s big update

Windows Central portal, citing its own sources, revealed the known changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update. According to insiders, it will be one of the largest updates to the system, through which Microsoft hopes to “revitalize desktops” and return its OS to the spotlight.

Details about the redesigned MacBook Pro 2021 have surfaced on the web

Renowned analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that Apple is working on two new models of MacBook Pro, which will differ from the current laptops of the company. This concerns both the design and functional features.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 and several new accessories

As part of the traditional Unpacked presentation, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 line of flagships. It included three smartphones: the base S21, the larger S21+, and the top-of-the-line S21 Ultra – all of which were stripped of the included charger. At the same event, the South Korean giant showed its flagship TWS headphones Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy SmartTag beacons.

The iPhone 12S will come out in 2021 instead of the iPhone 13

In 2021, Apple will break its streak of new numbered models and release four iPhone 12s, rather than the iPhone 13 as previously thought. It will not be without changes: all smartphones will receive a reduced “bangs”, and Pro-models will finally be equipped with screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

WhatsApp postponed the new privacy policy for three months

WhatsApp decided not to rush the new privacy policy, which was supposed to go into effect on February 8, 2021. The developers noted that they received a lot of negative feedback from dissatisfied users, so the changes will be introduced gradually and only after several months.