The Tower of London reported that the “queen” of the ravens, Merlina, is missing

The Tower of London has reported the disappearance and possible death of Merlina, the “queen” of the ravens of the Tower, the Evening Standard wrote on Wednesday, January 13.

“Our much-loved crow Merlina has not been seen in the tower for several weeks, and her prolonged absence indicates to us that she may have passed away. Although it is common for ravens to fly outside the castle walls, the free-spirited Merlina used to always return to the caretaker of the ravens and his staff, with whom she had a surprisingly close bond,” said a Tower official.

He noted that Merlina was the undisputed leader of the fort’s bird population.

“She will be sorely missed by the crows, the caretaker crows and all of us at the Tower staff,” the tower spokesman added.

According to the prophecy, if fewer than six ravens remain, the Tower and the entire kingdom will collapse. After Merlin’s disappearance, there are six birds left.

In July 2020 the Tower of London began laying off guards for the first time. The reason was a sharp decline in the number of visitors amid a pandemic coronavirus infection.