The U.S. assessed the Russian military equipment at the Victory Day parade

On Tuesday, May 11, the American magazine The National Interest published an article about the five most impressive pieces of military hardware demonstrated at the Victory Day parade in Moscow.

As the author of the publication notes, some models not only correspond to the best NATO weapons, but even surpass it.

So, the publication evaluated the Russian tanks, in particular BMP T-15. It is stated that there is no direct analogue of this fighting vehicle in the North Atlantic Alliance. According to the journalist, the tank is something between BMP and armored personnel carrier.

“With a colossal weight of 48 tons the T-15 is heavier than any tank currently serving in the Russian Armed Forces except the T-14,” the text reads.

The author also singled out the Yars complex, which, according to experts, is superior to its predecessor, the Topol complex.

It is explained that the Yars is equipped with at least three independent warheads, in contrast to the single 800-kiloton warhead of the original Topol-M.

The author also expressed his admiration for the Uran tank-drone, the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal missile and the S-400 Triumf complex.

Particular attention was paid to the “Kinzhal” missile, which, according to the author, can threaten the air defense of the United States.

“With its incredible speed and maneuverability, the missile not only threatens U.S. military assets, such as aircraft carrier strike groups, but also could potentially breach the U.S. missile defense network,” the journalist summarized.

On May 9, Welt journalist Christoph Wanner assessed the Russian army after his visit to the Victory Parade in Moscow.