The U.S. declared Russia has a plan to break up NATO

U.S. Special Representative for Arms Control Marshall Billingsley said that Russia has “a plan to break up NATO. He wrote about it on Thursday, June 25, on his Twitter account.

“Russia has a parallel project that is trying to divide NATO. This is not going to happen <...> Russia should focus on the real problem: the covert build-up [of forces – Ed.] by China,” wrote the special representative.

On June 23, Billingsley announced China’s attempts to achieve nuclear parity with Russia and the US.

“It seems that they intend to achieve some form of nuclear parity with both the US and Russia. Whether this parity is qualitative at once or perhaps quantitative, it seems that they are really determined to achieve it,” said the special representative.

He also noted that China will be invited to the second round of U.S. and Russian strategic stability talks, which may take place in late July – early August in Vienna.