The U.S. gave guarantees in case of Assange’s extradition from Great Britain

The U.S. government guarantees that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, in case of extradition from Britain, will not be subject to any special administrative measures during the preliminary hearing and after sentencing. This on Wednesday, October 27, according to an appeal filed by the United States in the High Court in London.

“The United States guarantees that Mr. Assange will not be subject to special administrative measures during the preliminary hearing and after sentencing. This promise is subject to the condition that the United States reserves the right to impose special administrative measures on Mr. Assange in the event that he commits additional misconduct,” the document reads.

Earlier in the day, the High Court in London began hearing a U.S. appeal of a British court ruling barring Assange’s extradition to the United States. During the two-day hearing, the United States government will challenge the January 4, 2021 ruling by London Central Criminal Court Judge Vanessa Barightser, who refused to allow U.S. authorities to extradite Assange.

On October 25, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Christine Hrafnsson stated that Julian Assange could ask for asylum in any country, including Russia, if he was released from British prison. He added that it was too early to talk about it, because the United States wanted to get Assange extradited.

On October 26, Yahoo News published an exposé piece revealing the CIA’s plans to kill Assange. Journalists spoke with more than 30 officials to present the information in the material published on the portal.

On September 28, Peter Omtzigt, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s chief whistleblower protection rapporteur, said he was seriously concerned about the published data.

Julian Assange is in British custody. In the United States, he is charged with releasing top-secret documents and faces up to 175 years in prison. In Britain, a court ruled Jan. 4 not to extradite Assange to the United States because of his suicidal tendencies and risk to life. In Ecuador, whose embassy he previously hid in, Assange was stripped of his citizenship.