The U.S. imposed sanctions against the Olympic Committee of Belarus

The U.S. imposed sanctions against the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus. It was reported on the site of the White House on Monday, August 9.

It is noted that the U.S. imposes the most ambitious package of sanctions against Belarus to date, which targets the National Olympic Committee of the country, as well as Belaruskali, one of the world’s largest producers of mineral fertilizers.

“The U.S. Treasury Department is initiating the largest round of sanctions to date against individuals and entities in Belarus under Executive Order 13405 and Executive Order August 9, 2021,” according to a press release.

According to the document, the National Olympic Committee of Belarus is accused of aiding and abetting money laundering, evading sanctions, and circumventing visa bans.

In addition, the sanctions were imposed on “well-known businessmen, supporting the regime of President Alexander Lukashenko and 15 companies affiliated with them.

The U.S. also imposed sanctions on officials of Belarus – “the leaders, officials and top managers” of those political entities, which, according to Washington, undermine the sovereignty and security of the republic, harm human rights, are involved in election fraud and corruption, as well as evade sanctions of the United States.

In particular, the decree mentioned representatives of executive bodies, agencies and subsidiaries of the Belarusian government, managers and representatives of the Belarusian government; persons related to the defense, security, fertilizer, tobacco production, construction and transport sectors of the country.

Earlier on Monday, Great Britain introduced new sanctions against Belarus.

On July 20, Julie Fischer, U.S. ambassador to Belarus, said that the U.S. administration, together with the countries of the European Union and Canada, continues to coordinate measures of economic pressure on Belarus.