The U.S. is ready to discuss the full range of issues with the DPRK

The United States authorities are ready to discuss the entire range of issues of mutual interest with North Korea. This was announced by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on October 1.

The briefing with journalists was broadcast on the official website of the US presidential administration.

“We have made specific proposals for discussion with North Korea. But we have not yet received a response,” Psaki said, adding that the range of issues for negotiation is not limited.

She said the U.S. is “evaluating” information about recent missile launches by North Korea.

The spokeswoman declined to comment directly on the latest launches.

Earlier Friday, it was reported that North Korea tested a new anti-aircraft missile to test the performance of the launch pad, detector and warhead, as well as the comprehensive combat characteristics of the newly developed anti-aircraft missile.

On September 29, North Korea tested a new type of hypersonic missile, the Hwasong-8.

Seoul expressed concern over the DPRK’s hypersonic weapons.

On September 30, the UN Security Council included into its agenda the discussion of the situation with the recent missile launches by North Korea. It was noted that the meeting was closed.

On the same day, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un rejected the United States’ offer of dialogue. According to him, such calls are nothing more than a facade with which the Americans intend to “cover up their hostile actions.