The U.S. media has named six cities in the U.S. that will be the first to undergo nuclear attack

The likelihood of nuclear war with the destruction of cities is small, but it is. It is the nuclear attack on megacities that is one of 15 disaster scenarios for which the Federal Emergency Management Agency has developed separate scenarios.

This is what Business Insider writes about. The expert on public health at Columbia University, Irwin Redlener said that now American cities are not ready for a nuclear attack. Among the most likely targets he named New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the U.S. capital Washington.

Despite the fact that each of the cities has a website informing the citizens what to do in case of emergency, there is nothing about a nuclear attack on them (except the sites of New York and Los Angeles), and the residents are not informed about how to behave in such a case.

Thus, after the explosion, 15 minutes passes until the scattered garbage and dust reaches the ground, and during this time people have to find shelter. Redlener stressed that one should no longer be afraid of total war with huge amounts of nuclear charges, but rather of sporadic blows, for example, from North Korea, or the detonation of a relatively small nuclear device by terrorist organizations.

“There are no safe cities,” Redlener said, citing an example that even a small atomic bomb, such as the one in Hiroshima, would kill between 50,000 and 100,000 people in New York City and a much larger number of those injured (and not enough hospital beds for everyone). There are also no atomic bomb shelters in cities (there used to be 18,000 for 11 million people in New York, but now most are inactive).

Preparedness for a possible nuclear attack, the expert said, is part of the 21st century reality, and we can apologize to the children and grandchildren that adults brought the world “to such a terrible mess.