The U.S. stated the need to be prepared to repel aggression in space

Outer space is becoming a potential arena for hostilities between the United States and its adversaries, so Washington must be ready to reflect aggression in space if necessary. This is stated in the new national space strategy of the US, published on December 10 on the site of the White House.

“It is absolutely essential that the United States adapt the work of its national security agencies, its policies, strategies, doctrines, security classification principles, and its forces to deter hostile actions, demonstrate responsible behavior, and, if necessary, repel aggression and defend United States interests in space,” the document says.

The U.S. Space Force, created in December 2019, is to carry out these tasks. It is emphasized that space has become an area of “warfare,” which occurs because of the desire of U.S. rivals to challenge Washington.

On December 9, U.S. National Intelligence Chief John Ratcliffe said that Russia was acting irresponsibly and “provocatively” in space. According to him, Moscow created potentially dangerous space situations that threatened American interests. This year, for example, Russia launched a satellite that maneuvered close to a U.S. government satellite.