The U.S. was trying to take out the second Iranian commander

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The U.S. was trying to take out the second Iranian commander

On the day when Iranian General Kasem Suleimani was killed in Baghdad, the U.S. military made an attempt to eliminate another Iranian commander – “financier” of the Al-Quds special unit Abdul Reza Shahlai in Yemen. However, this operation was found to be a failure, the American media learned.

The pilot of the Boeing-737 aircraft of the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA), which crashed near Tehran, said during the last communication session that the flight is in normal mode.

The statement made by representatives of the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy about the alleged “dangerous” rapprochement of the Russian ship with the USS Farragut destroyer in the Arabian Sea is not true. This was stated by the Russian Defense Ministry. They say that the USS Farragut has crossed the course of the Russian ship, the American crew acted unprofessionally. The U.S. military believes it was the other way around.

Russia may try to prevent one of the main candidates of the American Democratic Party in the presidential election, Joe Biden, from taking a seat in the White House. This, as Bloomberg writes, is not excluded in the U.S. special services, which have already begun the corresponding check.

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution to extend cross-border operations to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria. Russia has not vetoed it.

Three-day mourning was declared in Oman over the death of Sultan Qaboos Ben Said, who ruled 50 years. The sultan was 79 years old. It has been noted that he died of cancer, but no precise diagnosis has been made.