The U.S. will create a “capable of shelling Moscow” cannon

The U.S. military began developing the Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC), which will be able to hit targets from a distance of more than 1,850 km and even fire at Moscow, says the American edition of Popular Mechanics.

According to journalists, if the Americans are able to realize their plans, the SLRC will burn at a distance of 50 times further than other existing artillery guns – 1850 km.

It is planned to test the first prototype in 2023. According to the publication, the gun will be a gun mounted on a heavy truck, whose purpose will be to create a gap in the air and sea defense of the enemy. So far, the cannon is only a land gun, but it can be installed on ships, which will give the military more opportunity for its use, the article says.

The magazine assumes that with the advent of the SLRC U.S. will revive the class of ships, similar to those not built during the Second World War battleships such as “Montana”.

“From the North Sea, Montana could have fired on targets in western Russia and even Moscow itself. One “Montana” in the Indian Ocean could target most of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen and Somalia. In the Pacific, it could cover the entire North Korea, even Beijing and Shanghai,” the publication writes.

The project of the Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) advanced weapon became known in 2019. Experts believe that the objectives of the super guns will be China and Russia, and will place the guns Americans in Europe, including Poland.