The UAE has revealed Madonna’s mysterious “moon diet”

It became known the content of the moon diet of singer Madonna. This was reported on September 19 by the UAE newspaper Al Ittihad.

According to the newspaper, the “lunar diet” is one of the most bizarre food systems, which nevertheless is followed by many international celebrities. It is based on the hypothesis about the effect of lunar phases on the human body and is aimed at removing toxins and losing weight. It is specified that the choice of diet directly depends on the lunar calendar.

For example, during the full moon you should stop eating and refuse all food except water and juices for one day. At the same time, during the waning moon it is allowed to eat any fat-free food.

Besides, during this diet it is allowed to eat milk and lean milk products, nuts, black bread, fried poultry and stewed vegetables. At the same time it is necessary to refrain from eating after six in the evening, leaving only water and juices without sugar.

Then, when the moon begins to rise again, the amount of food should be halved and the norm of water, on the contrary, increased.

Al Attihad notes that, according to proponents of such a system, the lunar phases affect the body, including the water it contains, of which the human body is composed by more than 60%. If we believe the stars who use this diet plan, the “moon diet” helped them lose up to 2.5 kg per day.

Meanwhile, many nutritionists say that it is possible to stick to this diet, but not for a long time, because officially its effectiveness has not yet been proven.