The UAE is able to make it rain with electricity

Some areas of the United Arab Emirates have had heavy rains for a second day, even though the summer is usually a dry season with intense heat, local forecasters said.

Experts said the rains came after experiments with new precipitation-causing technology. In summer in the UAE it is dry, often with daytime heat around 50 degrees and no precipitation. There have been showers in various parts of the country, including the capital emirate.

In addition, precipitation is expected in Qatar, which also usually suffers from drought in the summer. Rains are predicted from Saturday until the middle of next week. It is noted that Qatar does not receive precipitation at all in summer, and since last fall there have been only a couple of rains.

In arid countries, authorities are actively looking for ways to induce precipitation. To this end, the Emirates began to use drones that can induce rain by means of electrical discharges in the clouds without the use of chemical compounds. These tests are being conducted by the SANAD Academy in Dubai together with scientists from the Britain’s University of Reading.