The UN Secretary General called COVID-19 the worst crisis since World War II

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday, 31 March, in a report on the global response to the social and economic impact of the pandemic, that the Coronavirus-induced global crisis is the worst since the Second World War.

He explained his position by the fact that it is now a disease that poses a threat to all people on the planet, as well as the economic consequences “that will cause a recession, perhaps not seen in the recent past”.

“It gives us reason to believe that this is indeed the most difficult crisis we have had since the Second World War”, Guterres said.

Earlier that day, the UN called for $2.5 trillion for developing countries to fight against COVID-19.

Last week, Guterres asked the leaders of G20 member countries to strengthen coordination in the fight against coronavirus. In addition, he called on heads of state to lift all international sanctions, which restrict the supply of essential medicines, food and essential supplies.

In mid-March, the UN Secretary General announced that the entire world is currently at war with the Coronavirus. He stressed that all people are facing a common enemy.