The United Kingdom has officially left the European Union


Britain has officially withdrawn from the European Union the day before. Although officially the country’s negotiations with the EU on the intricacies of divorce will continue for at least another six months.

The exit of Britain from the European Union was very symbolic – the flag of Great Britain was taken out of the buildings of the European Council and the European Parliament in Brussels shortly before the official departure of the United Kingdom from the EU. And Britain itself officially withdrew from the European Union on January 31, 2020. This was accompanied by festive events, in particular the fireworks.

At the same time, Britain still does not leave the European Union. It will have long negotiations with the EU about the nuances of exit. In particular, with regard to its withdrawal from all treaties with the European Union. Initially, the European Union demanded $50 billion from the UK. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who came to Europe, gave an ultimatum – withdrawal without any agreement and, accordingly, payment of any money, or a compromise agreement. Europe went, of course, to a compromise. As a result, Johnson was able to make a contract that was beneficial to Britain.

The very exit from the European Union was more like a soap opera. The last date was more like a soap opera. The refrendum itself was held back in 2016, where supporters of leaving the united Europe won by a small margin. Since then, however, there has been no way for the country to resolve the issue. Parliament has many times rejected plans for a treaty with the European Union that would guarantee Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Finally, Boris Johnson came to power and put Europe to a choice – either by no means or on its terms. And Europe chose Johnson’s terms.

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