The United States seized a shipment of protective masks designed for Germany

Germany will not receive 400 thousand respiratory masks from China, as they were bought by the U.S., reported Der Tagesspiegel on April 3, citing a representative of the Berlin Senate for Internal Affairs Andreas Geisel.

According to the politician, the Americans’ actions are comparable to piracy.

“This is not the case with partners in the transatlantic union … I urge the federal government to point out to the United States the need to comply with international rules,” said Geisel.

According to the publication, Berlin has bought several hundred thousand masks like FFP2 or FFP3 for medical personnel, but the party was bought by the Americans. As a result, the plane flew from China to the United States and not to Germany.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the Americans have taken away protective equipment from other states.

April 2, the Libération newspaper reported that the U.S. bought a batch of medical masks from China, intended for French hospitals and nursing homes. The protective equipment was taken just before being loaded on the plane.

According to the American media, the situation is explained by the fact that the national strategic reserve of the United States is almost out of stock of masks, respirators, medical gloves and gowns.