The United States started testing its residents for coronavirus antibodies

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun testing for antibodies to determine the number of coronavirus infections, including asymptomatic carriers. This was reported in the Politico newspaper on Saturday, April 4.

It is proposed to examine the blood of people in order to identify those who are sick and may have some degree of protection against re-infection.

The research will be conducted among three groups of Americans: those at the epicenter of the pandemic who had no symptoms of the disease, residents of other regions, as well as certain groups of people at risk, such as nursing staff.

On March 27, White House Virus Coordinator Deborah Burkes said U.S. scientists are developing an antibody test that will show how long the immunity will last for a new type of coronavirus. According to her, such testing will be able to show the real situation with the number of patients in the United States.