The upcoming iPhone 12S may return Touch ID in a modern format

The iPhone 12S, instead of the iPhone 13, is expected to be in the lineup in 2021. Touch ID is expected to return in a more modern format in Apple’s upcoming smartphones.

The biometric sensor disappeared from flagship iPhones back in 2017, but the company wants to bring it back by embedding it under the screen. Qualcomm could be the supplier of the technology to be implemented. The return of Touch ID is also due to the declining relevance of the proprietary Face ID system due to the fact that many users were forced to wear masks.

Fortunately, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers have found a way to teach Face ID in the iPhone to recognize the wearer even if they are wearing a medical mask. It is likely that the company’s 2021 iPhone models will feature both biometric systems simultaneously.

In addition, insiders believe that the company will get rid of the Lightning connector in favor of wireless charging. Recall that in October 2020 Apple’s vice president of product marketing Bob Borchers said that the installation of the Touch ID sensor in the iPad Air 4 power button was an “incredible engineering achievement”. In the iPad Air model with the cellular module, engineers had to fit the antenna, which occupies the top of the case, and Touch ID. Since both tools are highly sensitive, a separate task was to isolate their work from each other.

The other day, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst at TF International Securities, shared details about future iPhone and MacBook models. Later, Bloomberg also said that Apple has begun work on an iPhone with a foldable screen. The future clamshell is still in the early stages of development.