The US Embassy advised Americans to leave Russian territory by June 15

The U.S. Embassy recommended Americans to leave the territory of Russia by June 15, if their visa expires. This was reported on April 30.

It is specified that the diplomatic mission plans to no longer offer notary services, consular reports on foreign births or passport renewal services. The U.S. embassy suggested emailing requests to those who require a new United States passport in the event of an emergency.

“If you plan to remain in Russia after this deadline, please visit your local Interior Ministry office to begin the necessary paperwork, as recently suggested by the Interior Ministry,” the statement said.

It is noted that this situation is related to the notification of the Russian government about its intention to prohibit the U.S. diplomatic mission to hire foreign nationals for work.

Earlier the same day it was reported that the U.S. Embassy in Russia from May 12, will reduce the number of consular services because of the decision of Moscow to ban the employment of foreigners. In addition, the staff of the diplomatic mission will be reduced by 75%. Also, the U.S. Embassy announced that it would stop issuing visas for non-diplomatic trips.