The Washington Post attributed nonexistent remarks to Trump

The Washington Post admitted that it attributed words to former U.S. President Donald Trump that he did not say. The statement by the former White House host was posted on March 16 on Twitter by the Daily Caller.

“The Wahington Post has just published a correction regarding the incorrectly cited content of my phone call on the subject of election fraud in the state of Georgia. While I appreciate that The Wahington Post made the correction, which immediately makes the whole witch-hunt story about Georgia untenable, the original publication was false from the start,” Trump said in a statement.

The publication released an edit to an article that described Trump’s phone conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The piece, citing excerpts from that conversation, claimed that at the time, the president was pressuring the secretary to influence the outcome of the election.

Raffensperger published a full transcript of that conversation some time later, and the newspaper admitted that the Republican did not urge the secretary to “find fraud” in the election results and did not promise him national hero status if he did so.

The material in question was published on Jan. 3. It was reported that Trump, during a phone conversation with Raffensperger, demanded to “find” the votes cast in his support in the last election to confirm his victory in the state.

In the possession of the publication was the audio recording of the American leader’s conversation with representatives of the authorities of Georgia. Fragments of it are posted on the newspaper’s website. It shows Trump actually intimidating Raffensperger and his legal adviser Ryan Germani, hinting at possible criminal liability.