The water could have gotten to our planet in a “disassembled form”

After studying the traces of hydrogen in the substance of meteorites, the scientists assumed that the water reserves appeared on Earth not during its formation, but a little later. Water “disassembled” was delivered to the planet by comets and asteroids – writes the publication Science.

“Judging by the isotopic composition of our planet, it is formed from the same matter as meteorites-chondrites, saturated with mineral enstatite. Such asteroids were born in the “dry” inner region of the solar system, so until now it was believed that they should have no water. But we found out that they could have brought three times more hydrogen to the planet than the molecules of all the water in the World Ocean,” says Professor Bernard Marty of the University of Lorraine, France.

When the Earth was first formed, there was no significant amount of water on it,” the professor notes, explaining that the water was destroyed by the hard ultraviolet radiation of the young sun. Water was delivered to the planet in “disassembled form” – that is, in the form of hydrogen, which appeared due to asteroids that fell to Earth in large quantities at the time of the planet’s existence. Plus, the substance with hydrogen atoms was absorbed by the emerging planet from the remnants of the protoplanetary disk. “The mass of hydrogen that the Earth received in the first time of existence, would be enough to form the World Ocean,” – said Marty.