The water temperature in the Atlantic has become the highest in the last three thousand years

When scientists say that the ocean continues to warm up, it sounds, as a rule, too abstract. Specifics are provided by the results of a new study, according to which in the last decade the water in the Atlantic Ocean has warmed up to a record temperature for almost three thousand years.

The water temperature in the ocean is cyclically changing for tens and hundreds of years, rising or falling smoothly. But the temperature changes recorded in the Earth’s oceans in recent decades indicate that the process has gone beyond natural fluctuations. And this does not bode well – the rapidly warming oceans are provoking destructive hurricanes, which have recently become much more frequent.

Employees at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and their colleagues at the University of Quebec have decided to follow the changes in water temperature in the Atlantic over the past 2900 years – to do this, scientists have studied bottom sediments in the Arctic regions of Canada. “Sedimentary rocks have shown that ocean water temperature is subject to cyclical fluctuations, but in the last decades, the Atlantic waters have been heated too rapidly. Already now we can talk about a record temperature for 2900 years, and it, most alarming, continues to grow,” – say the authors of the research project.