The White House interrupted the broadcast of Biden’s speech halfway through

A live broadcast of U.S. President Joe Biden’s speech in Idaho on the wildfires in the West was interrupted by the White House. The American leader was literally interrupted halfway through when he tried to ask a question.

Biden was holding a meeting with officials and during the event, he asked George Geisler of the National Association of Foresters to ask him a question. However, the moment the White House chief began to voice it, the broadcast was interrupted without explanation.

“One of the things I’ve been working on is…” – Biden said before he could finish.

According to the New York Post, the White House has stopped broadcasting Biden’s speeches before. It is assumed this could be due to concerns about whether the 78-year-old U.S. leader would be able to convey his thoughts properly in response to questions from reporters.

The day before, it was reported that the American leader got into another awkward situation, posing for pictures among a crowd of supporters of his presidential rival, former White House leader Donald Trump.

At a meeting with citizens, he was photographed with children wearing Republican campaign apparel. The girls standing next to the smiling Democrat Biden had “Trump” written on their caps, and the Republican’s slogan “Make America Great Again” could also be read.

In August, during a press conference on Afghanistan, the head of the U.S. administration repeatedly misspelled the name of Qatar’s capital. He then answered a question from one of the reporters present with information that contradicted Pentagon data.