The White House wilted about the evacuation of 19,000 people from Afghanistan in 24 hours

The U.S. and its allies evacuated from Afghanistan for a day 19,000 people. Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates said this on Wednesday, August 25.

“Nineteen thousand people have been evacuated from Afghanistan in 24 hours…We have evacuated 82,300 people since August 14 and 87,900 since July,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

Earlier that day, U.S. President Joe Biden asked the Pentagon and the State Department to make plans in case the dates of the end of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan change. However, the American leader said that meeting the deadline for evacuation from Afghanistan (August 31) depends on coordination with the Taliban. During the online G7 meeting, Biden stressed that he still intends to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by August 31, but did not rule out extending the U.S. mission in the country.

On August 23, Jake Sullivan, the U.S. president’s national security adviser, said Washington did not rush to evacuate Afghanistan so as not to provoke a “total crisis of confidence,” but that did not save the country’s government. According to Sullivan, the U.S. believes that by August 31 all Americans wishing to leave Afghanistan will be evacuated. Washington is exceeding its plan for the removal of citizens from Afghanistan.

On the same day, the Taliban committed the United States to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by Aug. 31. The militants ruled out giving additional time to continue the operation, threatening “consequences” if the deadline is not met.