The world’ largest dinosaur found in Australia

Paleontologists in Australia recognized a dinosaur discovered in Queensland in 2007, one of the largest dinosaurs in the world, and identified it as a separate species, called the Titanosaurus. Growth of this animal was more than six and a half meters, and its length reached thirty meters. Found specimen entered the top ten and a half largest dinosaurs that ever lived on the planet. About the discovery reported the BBC.

The skeleton of the large ancient animal was found fourteen years ago in the south-western part of Queensland. The bones of the animal were in such a fragile state that it took scientists more than ten years to conduct research. For comprehensive analyses, the researchers needed to compare it to all known species of dinosaurs and then to their separate group, the sauropods.

It was with sauropods that scientists discovered the striking similarity of the bones of the found specimen. These giant herbivorous dinosaurs reigned over the territory of modern Australia about ninety-six million years ago during the Cretaceous period. They were known for having a huge body with column-like legs, a long tail, and a neck that had a small head on it.

The found dinosaur was nicknamed Cooper after Cooper Creek, near where it was found.