The world’ s oldest cat died in England

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In England, the oldest cat in the world named Rubble died at the age of 31. About this on Friday, July 3, writes Metro.

The owner of the animal Michelle Heritage said that the white and red kitten of the breed of Maine Coon was her present for the 20th anniversary. Since then, the kitten has accompanied the woman throughout her life. She also reported that Rubble wasn’t ill, but at the end of his life he stopped eating regularly.

“He became very thin. I went to work as usual, and when I got home, my husband said the cat crossed the road like he did every day and never came back. So we think he left to die like cats do,” Heritage told the newspaper.

June 16 passed away a famous cat of street musician James Bowen named Bob. Bowen met his cat in 2007. He was living in a social housing, earning money by performing on the street and trying to get rid of drug addiction, and the cat found in the driveway. At first he spent most of his budget treating the wound on the cat’s leg and then tried to find him new owners, but Bob stayed with him and didn’t want to leave. Later he got attached to the cat and thanks to his care he was able to give up addiction.

Bowen wrote a few books on Bob, in 2016, released the adaptation of the first book “Street Cat named Bob” (the main character played by the actor Luke Treadway, and the cat – himself Bob and six doublers).