“Therapy shouldn’t be available only to a select few.” Ariana Grande gives fans free psychological help

Singer Ariana Grande will help fans to get free psychological help – for this the star has teamed up with the creators of the online portal Better Help. Together they created a million-dollar fund.

The Better Help portal provides advice from mental health professionals. Ariana said the campaign will allow someone who needs help to get a month of free therapy.

“Therapy shouldn’t be available only to a select few. It’s something that everyone should have access to. I understand that this campaign won’t solve the problem in the long run, but I want to do it anyway. I hope to inspire someone to seek help and show them that they don’t have to beat themselves up about it.”

Ariana Grande

If a person goes through one month of therapy and wants to continue working with Better Help, they’ll get a 15% discount on the second month. Learn more about the promotion at this link.

“I want to believe that this will be a helpful starting point. That you can find a place in your life for therapy and continue. Healing doesn’t come easy, but I promise it’s worth all the effort and time.”

Ariana Grande